Dash is a free course that starts off teaching you the basics of HTML and CSS through various projects before stepping up to some JavaScript and Jquery in the last two, of the five projects.There is a total of 76 skills to learn and you unlock them by completing each project.You can then click on any of the skills learned if you have forgotten how to implement them.This is a handy resource tool to revert back to if you are a beginner like myself.

I have only completed project 1 so far in which you have to set up a basic fictitious website and this teaches you some basic HTML and CSS.It will teach you how to add an input form to a page and style it with CSS and also add a background image to your website and set it up properly.I am now moving on to project two and will review what that entails once I finish it.

The second project involves making a site for a client who feels that he needs a more up to date site with better features as he has outgrown his previous site.You will start off learning about a new tag to HTML5 called header which is one of the first tags that you will use on any new site that you build.Then you will learn,how to form a navigation list on your site and add a link function to it.Next you will learn how to add an external CSS stylesheet to your HTML.The next part of this project,you will learn how to make your website great no matter what device you are on.This is called Responsive design and it is the design that all web designers should adhere to, now due to so many websites being viewed on devices with various screen sizes.At the end of this project,you are introduced to Javascript for the first time to add some interactivity to some of the buttons that you have created.

The third project is a site for a small business and here you will come across the DIV tag for the first time.This is a tag that you will be using a lot in HTML.Here you will also learn more about RGBA color values before moving on to spans,gradients,transparency and web fonts.In part three of this project,you will be introduced to Responsive design again,to try and make this website look good on smaller devices like mobile phones.You will then learn to write a small bit of functional Javascript to your site.By the time you finish this project,you should have 55 of the 76 skills learned.

The fourth project involves putting together a robot,but it is basically just learning how to shape your divs using CSS in to all sorts of different shapes.Next you will learn more about CSS positioning and how to position your elements on the page.Next you will learn some animation with CSS before finally moving on to controlling animation.In the final part of this project you will learn how to make and modify CSS styles with Javascript.

The last project is not finished on the site at time of writing but it is where you will make a Madlibs type game.There are currently only 2 parts of what are usually a 4 part project.Here you will be introduced to arrays for the first time.

This is an excellent introduction course to Web Design and the interactivity of the site is a really neat feature as you can see what you are doing live.There were one or two small negatives with the site that can be a small bit frustrating.There are times when you will have your code exactly right and it would not register as correct but as soon as you start deleting a bit of your code,the green tick would appear and once you continued typing it out,it would work.This was more noticeable in some of the later Javascript projects,especially on parts of the code that I commented out.I also had a few problems with putting code in the wrong order on the page,but that was my own fault and I figured out that problem fairly quickly.All in all it is an excellent free course and I would recommend it to any newcomer starting out.I do like the Q&A feature that is implemented on the site as you can find an answer quickly to any part that you have any trouble with quite quickly.I would give this course an 8/10 and it would have got full marks only for the one or two small coding errors that frustrated me.

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