My experience so far

I had already known a good bit of what has been covered so far in this course but it is still good.The one thing that I was not too sure on before this was how FTP worked.In the end I went with Filezilla which was a lot easier than I thought it would be to transfer files to the server.I had already completed a project on Codecademy called Cuddley Critters.This involved fixing the code for a ficticious website that the owners son tried to do himself.You had requirements that had to be met such as

The owner would like to request a few things:

  • replace the not so cuddly photos!
  • fix the bland color scheme
  • find a more interesting photo layout
  • he would also like if the names of the animal shows up when the user clicks/hover the photo (‘ hi my name is ___ ‘)

Here was what the site looked like beforehand

Here is what it looked like after I was finished

None of the links on the site are clickable but it did give me a greater understanding of the basics to get a site fixed and up and running on line.


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