Which Editor to Use

Over the last few weeks I have tried various different editors but in the end I landed on Brackets after it was recommended to me on Codecademy by another user.It is a very similar editor to Sublime Text,only unlike Sublime Text,it is absolutely free.What sets it out from other editors that I used is that it has a Live Preview function that you can click on which takes you straight to your web browser to see what your code looks like.It also will provide the closing tags as soon as you type in the opening tags which means that you should see far less errors in your code.There are also many other features that will come in handy as soon as you become writing CSS and other web design languages,such as structuring your CSS/JQuery and other files.While Notepad++ looks a good program to start with it just lacks some of the features that Brackets has,so I would suggest that you switch to Brackets now as you will thank me later down the line.


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